Clean Track Filter series CTF-P-4F-CBA
CTF-P-4F-CBA – Clean Track Filter series offering four AMC-classes removal functionality in one filter
E450EDL – European 450mm Equipment Demo Line
E450EDL – European equipment manufacturers continue to work on the European 450 mm Equipment Demo Line
EEM450PR – European equipment and material pilot line readiness
EEM450PR – Project on European Equipment and Materials 450 mm Pilot Line Readiness finalized on time


Welcome to artemis control, a leading supplier of products and integrated systems to control and prevent contamination in production processes.

We develop, produce and supply solutions that enable our customers  to run high tech production and storage processes under high purity conditions. Our activities are focussed on the segments of microelectronics production, semiconductor front end and back end manufacturing, optics and display manufacturing as well as the preservation of cultural heritage objects.

Our unique and process related IC2P concept (Integral Contamination Control Process) provides for the optimum combination of performance, applicability on future challenges and cost of ownership.

We offer the complete necessary expertise of the evaluation of the situation, engineering of the solution, products and services to achieve the targets on cleanliness and certification of the operation out of one hand.

Our expertise, technology and innovation for your success to safeguard your products and processes and increase process yield.