Process air technology

Process air technology

Filter products for process air technology face the final purification stage for media such as air in the environment of products or production and process equipment. The products must meet the specific requirements resulting from the production step itself and the customer-specific formulations for this step. These can vary so much depending on the user's specification and manufacturing process that customised products must be available.

Another important application of filters in process air technology is the protection of assemblies in the process equipment from contamination and the associated reduction in their properties. This applies, for example, to optical assemblies in manufacturing plants for imaging or inspecting a structure that operate with high power density UV light. Process air filters remove all components that, excited by the UV radiation, can form permanently disturbing particulate contamination, either directly or in combination with trace substances.

Thanks to the broad and high-quality portfolio of filter materials, artemis control has been able to build up product lines for process air technology with which all major types of production lines can be equipped today.

For applications in process air technology, we use the full range of our capabilities in analysing the environmental situation and monitoring operations for our customers. The results we regularly share with our customers show that the products meet and exceed the requirements of the standards.

We are proud to support production line manufacturers in the original equipment sector as well.