Air recirculation technology

Air recirculation technology

Filter products for air recirculation technology must provide specific, locally defined performance, be durable and optimised in terms of energy.

Because of the high air exchange rates in cleanroom operation, very large volumes of air are passed through AMC filters (trace gas filters) and particle filters. A low flow resistance across the filters reduces the electrical energy demand of the fans and leads to less conversion into unwanted heat.

Filters for air recirculation technology must provide a specific filtration performance at the point of installation that reduces disturbing trace contamination from low concentrations to almost zero. They must be combinable with filters of other specific performances according to the situation and should be tolerant in operation to disturbing trace contaminations, the removal of which is not their target function.

Based on its own filter media production, artemis control can offer a portfolio of filters for recirculation operation that leaves no requirements unfulfilled. The products can be combined in any way and are designed in such a way that, especially in the case of very different loads per pollutant group, optimum performance is achieved with a minimum of operating costs.

We fully support the concept of specifically optimised maintenance intervals with our products.