Make up air

Make up air

Filter products for make-up air technology have to fulfil many difficult-to-solve requirements at the same time. Often these are high volume flow rates in relation to the size, which result from the desire for a small space requirement for the supply air system.

All filter stages of a supply air system are operated under the same aerodynamic conditions due to the linear air flow.

In the limited installation space of the make-up air system, the outside air is completely cleaned of particles and harmful gases by the filter stages, processed to the appropriate temperature and humidity conditions and supplied to the circulating air in the clean room building.

The sum of the requirements necessitates a robust housing technology for the filter products that can withstand permanently fluctuating climatic conditions or slightly corrosive air conditions. Despite high volume flows, the filter efficiencies and cleaning capacities must be high and designed for fluctuating loads of contaminants from the ambient air. In the event of unforeseen high loads from the environment, the active filter units should be quickly available and replaceable, and it should be possible to adapt them to new requirements by replacing only the functional stages.

We offer a range of systems and products for make-up air technology that optimally meet these requirements, among other things, by means of exchangeable filter systems.