Clean room technology

Clean room technology

Cleanrooms are essential for the manufacture of micro- and nanotechnology products, optics and medical technology.

Cleanrooms create an environment with stable climatic conditions, freedom from vibration, freedom from electromagnetic interference and the provision of pure media. These are the prerequisites for operating production facilities that reliably manufacture products with high performance and stable yields.
The cleanroom's freedom from contamination is one building block in a chain of measures and properties that lead to stable production. The design, layout and performance characteristics of the cleanroom must enable and support production without restricting the necessary flexibility in production design.

Cleanroom technology is designed in the planning phase for long-term and future-proof use. Cleanroom technology is not something that must or can be rebuilt after a product life cycle. The technological basis should support your production over the possible and reasonable service life of the building.
We support you comprehensively with our expertise and products in the planning and execution of buildings and cleanroom zones.

We offer you products and systems with a performance that corresponds to the current state of the art and at the same time offers a high degree of future security. Sustainability is important to us in our cleanroom technology products. In many cases, our products and systems consist of a valuable carrier part that remains permanently in the system and a consumable part with a minimum proportion of materials to be recycled or disposed of.

Our products and services for cleanroom technology create a secure basis for the requirements from process technology and leave no questions unanswered at the interface.