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Analyses and assessments


Fast and competent assessment of the starting situation based on more than 30 years of experience in situation specific analysis and project realisation

The analysis and evaluation of contaminations and substances according to type, quantity and origin is an indispensable component in a project to achieve pure production conditions.

artemis control carries out the analysis of contaminations in the air or other media with specific procedures of trace analysis, which are known and established in the industries or have been specifically further developed by us. For this purpose, we have a pool of equipment that is exclusively maintained and used for these tasks.

In addition, we are developing new, directly indicating and permanently recording measuring instruments as a component of the integral IC2P range of services. These developments are always directly related to the classic standardised measurement and analysis procedures that we use in the projects.

We examine and describe the starting situation and baseline for the project implementation in an understandable and comprehensible form in order to be able to offer you the best solution. In doing so, we place particular emphasis on the recording of dynamic contamination profiles that fluctuate over time, as is typical for plant operation.

By linking the time-resolved data with the process logs, statements can be made about possible sources of contamination. Our evaluations show the possibilities for influencing the reduction of contamination levels - containment at the source or a filtration solution or process improvement, in each case combined with training and documentation.

Measuring and recording contaminant levels is a key factor in our integral project approach IC2P - Integral Contamination Control Process.