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High-quality components and systems, the result of our continuous research and development, deliver the process purity you are looking for.

Filter components and ultra-pure media systems from our own development and manufacturing form the product basis for our ultra-pure manufacturing and storage projects. To ensure the market-leading performance and consistently high quality of our products and components, we have established our own vertical profound structure from raw material development and manufacturing to the production of filter materials, components and assemblies to the finished component.

This gives us the knowledge and resources to safely deliver components for your equipment and service project and keep pace with your process requirements through continuous improvement.

artemis control adapts components, systems and services to changing process requirements in order to offer our customers the best and most cost-effective solution to the new production conditions.

Because new products develop quickly and with them the equipment for their production. Production facilities and process environments that have only recently been designed for current products may quickly need an upgrade. Adapting to new manufacturing requirements contributes to the economic efficiency of a production facility and to the conservation of resources - both financially and materially.

The system solutions of artemis control AG close the gap that can arise between the delivery status of the production plant or the acceptance status of the clean room and the future requirements for process operation.

Modular systems are available to support production facilities with small space requirements. Customer-specific solutions for upgrading existing cleanroom concepts have been realised in many projects.