We offer you our support for the complete monitoring of the achieved process quality after project completion.

Acceptance tests and ongoing process monitoring are part of our services. They are also possible on the basis of our trace analysis and evaluation methods, which are frequently used in the run-up to project design, and are offered as part of projects. Monitoring the condition and safe service life of our filtration products is a product feature of many system solutions based on proprietary technologies.

Knowledge of the load situation in the initial state, source analysis and knowledge of the performance of our components & systems result in a report geared to the future of the project, which describes the cleanroom and process cleanliness and records statements about the expected service life.

In addition, we give recommendations for the self-check of the situation by you as our customer or the times at which we suggest a check - i.e. monitoring - by artemis control.

These monitoring recommendations are often adopted as part of an inspection and service plan (SOP - Standard Operation Procedure), which we are happy to support you in drawing up.

The evaluation of the measuring results provides valuable information as to whether the services can be obtained as expected or whether, for example, in the case of a production expansion or intensification, new parameters must be included in the plan in order to continue to achieve the planned result.

The measurement and recording of contaminant levels is an essential part of our integral project approach IC2P - Integral Contamination Control Process.